Children’s Art Project S. Barbaracollege Ghent – A website

Following projects with Wim Delvoye, Panamarenko, Jan Fabre, Roger Raveel and Luc Tuymans, the children of this Ghent elementary school (aged between 6 and 12) got engaged in an intensive workshop with Dirk Braeckman. Each class was invited to his studio to get a ‘live’ view of his pictures, to receive a specific approach on photography’s history and a bird’s-eye-view of his work. Starting from three core ideas inherent in Dirk Braeckman’s photographs, the kids were ‘commissioned’ to realise some pictures themselves. Make a self-portrait, was the first proposal, but one in which you remain invisible. Or: picture yourself being an explorer or an alien in your own house, your room, your neighbourhood. Or: try to make a photograph of the last dream you remember. The children delivered an impressive number of pictures, all of which were gathered, next to a comprehensive survey of Dirk Braeckman’s oeuvre, on a unique website: